3 Types Of Daily Exercise You Should Do While Pregnant To Reduce Back Pain

28 November 2016
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Many women who are pregnant experience back pain at some point during their pregnancy. Back pain during pregnancy has many causes and can take many forms. You may experience back pain because of weight gain, loosening of the ligaments that support your spine and pelvis, or pressure from the location of your uterus. Back pain may include lower back pain, usually around the curve of your spine and near your bottom, or upper back pain around the neck and shoulder blades. Read More 

How Sciatica Can Be Successfully Treated Using Non-Invasive, Natural Healing Methods

3 May 2016
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Sciatica is a condition estimated to affect up to four in ten individuals at some point in their lifetimes. Though common, sciatica can be extremely painful for some people and often prevents them from comfortably carrying out their daily activities. Treatment options vary; over-the-counter and prescription medicines are in widespread use, and surgery is also used in severe cases. However, there are natural, non-invasive options for treating sciatica, and many of these can be used at home. Read More