Tips To Treat The Physical Turmoil Of Telecommuting

14 December 2015
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Working from home may sound like a dream come true for many, but telecommuting is not always an easier option. Unfortunately, the convenience of working remotely can actually cause you to increase your working orders. This may benefit your annual income, but sitting at a desk for longer periods of time can wreak havoc on your physical health. While surprising to hear, one in five Americans work from their home office. Read More 

6 Ways To Ease Lower Back Pain While Baby Wearing

21 October 2015
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Baby wearing, in a sling or a soft carrier, is a good way to keep your baby close to you while you complete chores or errands. It may allow you to walk more places, as it can allow you to move over rough terrain and up and down stairs. It can also help you and your baby develop a strong bond. Unfortunately, with all of the benefits, there is a risk that you will strain your lower back while carrying your baby. Read More 

4 Ways Correcting Your Posture Can Enhance Your Life

18 August 2015
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Standing and sitting are such instinctive processes that many people have no idea that they're doing them wrong -- or why they're suffering from various not-so-coincidental problems affecting their quality of life. Here are four ways maintaining correct posture can help you maintain a happier, healthier lifestyle. 1. Relief from Chronic Pain Many of the people who visit chiropractors are seeking relief from chronic aches, pains and stiffness. While a painful back or neck can stem from an acute incident such as an auto accident injury, it can also be a sign of a longstanding posture problem. Read More 

What Happens During A Chiropractic Exam?

27 May 2015
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Many people go into a chiropractic's office believing that he or she will simply waltz in, have their back looked at, maybe have a few muscles massaged and be sent on their merry little way. Nothing can be further from the truth. Remember that chiropracty is a medical science, and as such, it deserves time, effort and patience. You can't go in expecting a miracle cure for any pain you may be on the receiving end of. Read More 

Physical And Psychological Strategies For Managing Chronic Back Pain

20 May 2015
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The idea of dealing with chronic back pain that will probably last for the rest of your life can be upsetting to contemplate. Fortunately, there are many ways you can effectively manage the situation with physical treatment and activity, and psychological strategies.  Get Regular Exercise You may be tempted to spend most of your time sitting in an easy chair, but being active can help reduce back pain by alleviating stiffness and boosting your fitness level. Read More